Recurring Gift

Make an Ongoing Difference by Becoming a Recurring Donor

You can easily make your gift to the Immaculate Fund in regular monthly installments from your credit card..

Benefits to You

You make one decision—and your gift keeps working month after month to support a cause you believe in—an Immaculate education!

  • Giving is more convenient. Once you’ve signed up, your donation becomes automatic until you advise us otherwise. To change or cancel your gift at any time, contact Debbie Basile at
  • It is affordable. Giving smaller monthly gifts of $10, $25, $50 or any amount you choose, is an affordable way to support Immaculate all year round. It may also allow you to increase your yearly contribution to a leadership level because your gift is divided into manageable monthly increments.
  • You receive a single tax receipt. You will receive one cumulative tax receipt after the end of the calendar year.

Advantages of Monthly Giving

  • Ensures stability: a predictable source of income that we can depend on every month means that we have the resources we need to support Immaculate students.
  • Helps us plan: your monthly donation gives the school a greater ability to get involved in long-term projects.
  • Saves money: Monthly donations mean less paperwork and administration, so it is the most cost effective and environmentally friendly method of giving.