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Extending The High School Experience Beyond The Classroom

It’s easy to get involved!

Because of our size, Immaculate High School provides multiple opportunities to get involved.

Immaculate High School offers more than just books… students have an opportunity to express themselves and excel in campus ministry, athletics, the arts and more. By participating in clubs and activities, students develop skills such as leadership, working with others, responsibility and self-discipline. Students eagerly become involved in at least one extra-curricular activity and in fact, most participate in several.

Clubs and activities meet before, during and after school, which means there is plenty of time to get involved, even for students who are active in sports and the fine arts.

Immaculate High School not only prepared me for college and academics, but for college life. The moral, ethical and religious values that I learned at Immaculate has directly applied to my college life. The Immaculate community is extremely supportive and has made an enormous difference in my college career.
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