Community Service

An updated PVSA Informational Outline Letter is now available. In addition, an updated Program Requirements Highlights Document is now available.

Opus Fidelium hours for the 2017 - 2018 school year may start to be earned by students now, and should be recorded and documented. Progress reports will regularly inform parents and students of the student's Opus Fidelium status. Please remember if you participated in an Opus Fidelium event that was facilitated by a faculty member or parent of Immaculate High School you are required to sign up at and log your hours for that event which will become part of your permanent Opus Fidelium file. Instructions on how to sign up at x2VOL can be downloaded on Plus Portals or picked up at Deacon Jeff's Office. All Opus Fidelium hours must be submitted on the official school form to be accepted! All Opus Fidelium hours need to be submitted via x2VOL to receive credit. We strongly advise that you keep a copy of any paperwork to document your student's service activities.