NHS Candidates

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Below is all of the paperwork that must be filled out completely and handed in on time. Be sure to read it carefully, and make sure everything is accurately and fully completed. You should type directly onto the forms. Your completed paperwork will be used by the anonymous Faculty Council to determine whether you meet the criteria of character, service, and leadership. Acceptance letters are delivered in November.

1) Lists and explains the requirements to earn membership into the N.H.S.

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2(a, b, & c) Provide information regarding your extra-curricular activities both in and out of school.

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3) Your leadership essay is extremely important. Be sure to be as detailed as possible. Some (or maybe even all) Faculty Council members may not have personal knowledge of your leadership qualities so this essay is their only basis of judgement.

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4) Documented service hours are service hours that you have already handed in and have been documented by the I.H.S. office. Write an essay explaining your community service and how you found it rewarding.

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5) Answer the questions honestly and explain how you demonstrate excellence of character.

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6) Understand and accept obligations and provide pertinent information.

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7) Provide an I.H.S. teacher and/or staff member with this recommendation form. Be sure to give them plenty of time to complete the form. Forms are given directly to Mr. DiGennaro.

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8) Check to be sure you're submitting all the necessary information. Hand in this checklist with your paperwork. Be sure it is organized and submitted in a folder.

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*NHS Criteria- Details what is meant by Leadership, Service, and Character. Reading this handout may help you when writing your personal statement and your leadership and service essays.

NHS Criteria

Seniors, if you are applying to N.H.S. for a second time, use this check sheet as the basis for gathering your materials.

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