Reopening Plans

A Note From Administration

Welcoming New Students and Re-Opening for 2020-21 School Year!

Dear Parents,

We are looking forward to welcoming our new Class of 2024 and new transfer students at Orientation on Tuesday, September 8! 

We ask that you read all of the information included in this letter carefully.  The following is a list of who to contact for clarification, additional information:

Athletic Information:
Athletic Director, Mr. Nelson Mingachos (

Plus Portals, Emergency Contact Information:
School Registrar, Mrs. Terri Allen (

Health Records, Medication Releases:
School Nurse, Mrs. Helen Story (

Tuition, Fees, Scholarship Information:
Business Manager, Mrs. Christina Fernandes (

Clubs, Extra-curricular Activities, Handbook:
Dean of Student Affairs, Mr. Joseph DeMaida (

Religious, Faith-Based Needs:
Deacon Jeff Font, (

Bus, Carpool, Uniforms, General Information:
Administrative Assistant-School Operations, Mrs. Carol Stone (

Student Schedules/SAT/College Updates:
Your assigned student counselor 

This is a holiday weekend that is typically enjoyed by gathering together with others. We ask that students refrain from any large group gatherings and encourage the use of masks, hand washing and social distancing guidelines. With your cooperation, we can remain Immaculate strong!

God bless,

Mary Maloney
Mary R. Maloney
Wendy Signature
Wendy M. Neil

Athletics Update

What do the first days of school look like?

Superintendent Dr. Steven Cheeseman:
FAQ’s and Welcome Back 2020-21 School Year


Our counseling department student assignments have been finalized and our counselor team has put together grade-level guidelines that provide important contact information, grade level checklists, resources, Plus Portals information and more! Take a moment to read this important information.

Together we can begin our school year positively and safely. Together, we are Immaculate strong.

Mary Maloney
Mary R. Maloney
Wendy Signature
Wendy M. Neil

Weekly Schedule as of September 14

Monday and Tuesdays, Day 1 and Day 2:
Cohort A (Acevedo – Kerins) 7:40am-2:00pm in the building
Cohort B (Killackey-Zuccala) 7:40am-2:00pm Virtual
Virtual Cohort A and B on Microsoft Teams  Click here for schedule
Advisory, Wellness and Special Resource Instructional Programs 11:00am-11:45am
Deep cleaning using UV technology and disinfectants 12noon-5pm
Club meetings (Virtual) 1pm-2pm 1pm-2pm
Thursday and Friday, Day 3 and Day 4:
Cohort B (Killackey- Zuccala) 7:40am-2:00pm in the building
Cohort A (Acevedo-Kerins) 7:40am-2:00pm Virtual

IHS Reopening Video