Immaculate High School's Athletic Hall of Fame

The Athletic Hall of Fame exemplifies the rich tradition of Immaculate athletics, by recognizing those who have brought honor and distinction to our school.  On March 5, 2016 we welcomed nearly 200 guests to our celebratory dinner and induction ceremony at the Ethan Allen Inn.  This memorable event allowed us to acknowledge the individuals and teams listed below who have made us proud through the years. Thank you to all who joined us for the event. We look forward to gathering again in 2018 as we recognize a new class of Hall of Fame inductees.



Pictured ~ 1986 State Championship Football Team

Congratulations to our 2016 IHS Athletic Hall of Fame Class of Inductees!

 alumni hall of fame honor wall and kiosk

Immaculate High School, in partnership with the Alumni Association, is planning on constructing an Alumni Hall of Fame Honor Wall and Kiosk display in front of the school lobby this summer. This project is a long overdue public recognition effort. Please consider making a donation to help fund this project. All donors contributing $100 or more to this project will be listed on a donor recognition plaque next to the Hall of Fame display. Click the DONATE button below, or mail a check payable to Immaculate High School, 73 Southern Blvd., Danbury, CT, 06810.  Thank you for your support! 


Inducted 1989 
   James E. Tierney '67
Paul A. Hiro '68
Christopher J. Palmer '68
Frank E. Fiorita '69
Sandra J. Arconti '78 

Inducted 1991   
W. Jeffrey Russell '76
Kathleen Rowe Shaw '83
Kerry Rowe '83
Robert E. Gerwien (Admin) 

Inducted 1992   
David S. Closter '67
Michael R. Pascuzzi '70
Thomas J. Lynch  '73
Lynne M. Viscio  '79 

Inducted 1993   
James V. Pacific '72
Michael M. Jeffress '78
Ellen Prunty '82
Ronald P. Gleissner, Jr. '86 

Inducted 1994   
Robert Suchy (Coach)
Raymond De Pelteau '69
Maryann Lynch '85
John Drohan '86 

Inducted 1995   
Fraser Randolph '70
Candy Ferris McCarty '70
David Osborne '81
Karoline Rossini '81
Michael Donahue '84
Beth Anne Livolsi '89
Elston Dodge (Coach)

Inducted 1996  
Daniel Murphy '66
Harold Gantert '74
Michael Dekker '80
Claire Holston '81 

Inducted 1997   
Roger Burke '72
Ralph Scozzafava '76
Sheila Hanley '80
Mark Thalmann '82
Robert Slavinsky (Coach) 

Inducted 1998  
Joyce Curran '68
Ian Smith '87
Dana Smith '87
Kevin Dunleavy (Coach) 

Inducted 1999  
Albert E. Davis '71
Thomas K. Neville '74
Robin Jeffress Walker '78 

Inducted 2000  
Ray Velez (Coach)
Stephen T. Palmer '74
Lisa J. Bongo '79
Nelson O. Mingachos '89 

Inducted 2001  
Joseph Fazio
Mark Schweitzer '86
Zach Dargaty '88
Suzanne N. McAuliffe '89 

Inducted 2008
Kate Drohan '91
Robert Gerwien Jr.
Stephen Kaplanis (Coach)
Andrew Riepe 

Inducted 2009  
John Barata '96
Jaimie Bierwirth '97
Kenneth Rausch '91
Kristi Setaro '91
Linda Sabel (Coach)  

Inducted 2010  
Bridget Deakin Henry '92
Sean Lomas '97
Patty Murren Gessner '92
Mike Palmer '69
Bob Nelson (Coach)  

Inducted 2011  
Bob Plumb (Coach, former Director of Athletics, Phys Ed Teacher)
Andrea Behling Thoennessen '96
Doug Riepe '00
Caryl Drohan '91 

Inducted 2014  
Cicely Jette '92 
Joe Mohn '02

Joe Rios '81 

Charlie Zarcone 
1976 Boys Basketball Team

Inducted 2016  
Maureen (Brew)
Arsenault '69

Nicole Baker '06

Moira (Deakin) Finney '93

Amanda (Genova)
Johnson '06
Paul Myott '86
1986 Football Team

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