Visual Arts

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Students have the opportunity to take a variety of classes and join after school clubs that enhance their ideation process and bring their creative ideas to life. Whether it be pen and paper, paint brush and canvas or mouse and keyboard, IHS provides the tools for students to develop skills through a multitude of mediums.

Something for Everyone

Something For Everyone

We believe every student has a creative talent within themselves and it is our privilege to help students discover that talent. Whether one is exploring an interest in the arts or looking to pursue a lifelong career, this program has something for everyone and we encourage all to join.

Learning Beyond the Classroom

Learning Beyond the Classroom

While art classes typically take place indoors, teachers often take advantage of our beautiful campus and Tarrywile Park by bringing their classes outside to work on projects. A change of scenery can not only be very inspiring for student artists but also a great way for them to have fun and relax. Art classes also go on field trips to places like the Museum of Modern Art to further educate and inspire students.

Constructive Critique

Constructive Criticism

At the end of each project, students participate in a constructive critique with their peers. This is an opportunity for students to provide feedback to their classmates and ask for feedback about their own artwork. Critiques are a fun way for everyone to show off their creativity and talent while also discovering ways to improve as an artist.

Creative Process

Understanding the Creative Process

Learning new creative skills is important and serves as the foundation for any great artist, but another important component is understanding the creative process. Students are taught how to conceptualize, problem solve and work through their designs in a way that will prepare them for college and for those looking to pursue careers in the visual arts.

Differentiated Learning Environment

Differentiated Learning Environment

We recognize that each student works towards achieving unique personal goals. As a way to support students and ensure their goals are met, classes are tailored to each individual's needs. Our small class sizes allow teachers to be flexible and provide individualized instruction and guidance to everyone.

Arts in the Park

Arts in the Park is an end-of-the-year Fine Arts event that gives students the opportunity to showcase their artwork. In the past, students have chosen to display their digital artwork, paintings, drawings, 3D prints, sculptures and even a student-made mini golf course!

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