Immaculate puts on two theater productions each school year that are nothing short of amazing for a school of its size.  The evidence is seen in the great reviews, award nominations and award wins these productions have accrued.

While the goals of producing a great show and helping student hone their artistic talents and skills are obvious, the true value of participating in theater arts goes much deeper and has broader life impacts:

The part of the show that everyone sees is the end result: the acting, the dancing, the costumes, the lighting, etc. The unseen part is what truly makes a great production: commitment, discipline, respect, community, passion and work ethic.  These are life skills that will transfer into all areas of their life, as well as their future successes.

Taking on different perspectives and thinking “outside the box” are all part of the creative process.  Commanding the stage, story-telling through different means of expression, performing in front of large crowds asks students to step out of their comfort zone.  Making mistakes during the rehearsal process and learning from those mistakes all builds confidence. 

- Matt Farina, Director & Choreographer

Fall Drama

The fall drama production is often, but not exclusively, a Shakespeare play, set in a particular time period or theme. Typically, this show is performed 3 times, once per night, typically in mid November. Information coming soon.

Spring Musical

The spring musical is truly a community endeavor, involving students, faculty and parents in all aspects of bringing the show to life - acting, singing, dancing, set design and construction, costume design, make-up, marketing, lighting and sound, stage management, props. This musical typically takes place in early May. To find out more about the Spring Musical click the button below.

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