Visual Arts

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Student have the opportunity to take a variety of classes and join clubs that enhance their ideation process and bring their creative ideas to life. Whether it be a pen and paper, paint brush and canvas or mouse and keyboard, IHS provides students with the tools to develop skills through a multitude of mediums.

3D Printer

Students in our graphic design courses are taught how to take their 2D creations from the computer screen to a tangible 3D object. IHS has an industrial 3D printer that is readily accessible for any student enrolled in graphic design classes. Students are trained how to properly and safely use this new technology and have used it to print objects such as games pieces, animals, movie replicas such as R2D2 and more!

Arts in the Park

Arts in the Park is an end-of-the-year Fine Arts event that gives students the opportunity to showcase their artwork. In the past, students have chosen to display their digital artwork, paintings, drawings, 3D prints, sculptures and even a student-made mini golf course!

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