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Immaculate High School offers multiple entry-level music classes to give every study an opportunity to develop their musical background regardless of their individual skill level. On top of the entry-level courses, longstanding concert band, concert choir and a guitar ensemble challenge students by broadening the music they work on to include the classics as well as modern, more familiar pieces.

Recording Studio

The IHS recording studio is a space where students can record and produce their own music so that they can share it with friends and family. In the past, students have even recorded their music and then created their own music video!

Winter & Spring Concerts

Every year the IHS concert band, choir and acapella group perform a the winter and spring concert. Students can even have a solo or group performance to show off their individual talents. All students are encouraged to perform. Click here for more information about the IHS Winter and Spring Concerts.

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Immaculate's Got Talent

For the first time ever, the Fine Arts Department proudly presents Immaculate's Got Talent. This is a night full of fun, excitement and food! All students are encouraged to sign up to show off their talents.

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Friday, October 26 at 7pm

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