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Immaculate High School offers multiple entry-level music classes to give every study an opportunity to develop their musical background regardless of their individual skill level. On top of the entry-level courses, longstanding concert band, concert choir and a guitar ensemble challenge students by broadening the music they work on to include the classics as well as modern, more familiar pieces.

Recording Studio

The IHS recording studio is a space where students can record and produce their own music so that they can share it with friends and family. In the past, students have even recorded their music and then created their own music video!

Winter & Spring Concerts

Every year the IHS concert band, choir and acapella group perform a the winter and spring concert. Students can even have a solo or group performance to show off their individual talents. All students are encouraged to perform. Click here for more information about the IHS Winter and Spring Concerts.

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Immaculate's Got Talent

For the first time ever, the Fine Arts Department proudly presents Immaculate's Got Talent. This is a night full of fun, excitement and food! All students are encouraged to sign up to show off their talents.

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Friday, October 26 at 7pm

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Available Courses

0749 Mixed Chorus CP

1 Credit

This course is for beginner and advanced students. Mixed Chorus is a choral ensemble that will perform classic and contemporary music of medium difficulty that challenges their musical abilities. Some areas of study are basic music theory, voice production, solo and ensemble singing, sight reading and artistic interpretation. A variety of music literature is studied, including sacred and secular compositions from masterworks to contemporary. Chorus students will perform together at various concerts and performances throughout the year. Participation at all performances is required.

0763 Concert Choir H

1 Credit
Prerequisite: Audition

Concert choir is the serious study of artistic music for the select chorus musician. This is an auditioned group of upperclassmen who demonstrate advanced skills in vocal production and score reading. They will study and perform advanced repertoire focusing on sacred and secular music ranging from 4 to 8 parts. There will be an emphasis on a cappella singing. In addition, advanced music theory and music history will be studied. Choir members are REQUIRED to participate in all concerts and out of school performances.

0770 Concert Band CP

1 Credit

Enrollment in Concert Band is open to any student who has at least one year of experience/proficiency on a woodwind, brass and percussion instrument. String instruments are also accepted, although the repertoire is based on concert band and jazz ensemble pieces rather than orchestral pieces. A wide variety of concert band and jazz ensemble literature will be studied, with increasing difficulty in the music throughout the year, and the repertoire will vary from year to year. Emphasis is placed on development of technique and interpretation, both as individual instrumentalists and as an ensemble group, performance skills, and developing an overall mature musical expression. Music skills, such as scale, sight reading and rhythm exercises, will be emphasized, along with music theory including music notation and key signature recognition. Attendance at all performances is mandatory.

0776 Beginning Piano CP

1 Credit

Students of all musical backgrounds are welcome in Beginning Piano. Although the course is structured so that students with no prior background in music may learn to play the piano, experienced pianists are also welcome. The course will cover reading music, playing melodies with accompaniment, and various exercises to strengthen technical ability. The emphasis in the course is on solo playing. Owning a piano at home is helpful, but not necessary.

0778 Piano II CP

1 Credit
Prerequisite: Beginning Piano or by acceptance of instructor

Piano II is for students looking to progress further in their piano playing. It is open to students who have completed Beginning Piano as well as those who pass an audition with the instructor. The course builds on the foundations of note-reading and piano technique and will also incorporate new topics such as music theory and music history. Students will continue to develop their musical abilities in a class setting with a focus on solo playing. The course covers a wide range of musical styles including pop, classical, jazz and blues. Although some method book material is required, students will be expected to learn piano literature. Students are not required to own a piano at home.

0782 Music Theory H

1 Credit
Prerequisite: 85 or higher in music elective

Offered in odd years

Music Theory is designed for motivated students who have a deep curiosity about the inner workings of music. Music from all periods and styles will be studied and analyzed. The course places an emphasis on note reading in treble and bass clefs. First students will discover the fundamental principles behind music and will learn about tonality through ear training practice and sight singing. Finally, students will use their knowledge of music theory to write songs and other musical compositions. By the end of the course, students will have a portfolio of music that they have written. Students may choose to record their final compositions in the Recording Studio.

0744 Digital Sound Design CP

1 Credit

Offered in even years

This class is designed for students interested in creating music through technology. Basic music theory is incorporated so that students with no prior knowledge of music can learn how songs are written. The class will analyze the music of current, popular artists in order to learn the fundamentals of music. Although students will mostly work in Garageband, students fluent in other digital audio workstations such as Soundation or FL Studio are welcome. Students will acquire basic piano skills as well as practice in reading music notation and ear training. The final project is an EP/mixtape of songs written during the course.

0771 Guitar Ensemble CP

1 Credit

Enrollment in Guitar Ensemble is open to any student who plays guitar. Students should have their own acoustic guitar*. Guitar ensemble literature in varied styles (folk, rock, classical, jazz) will be studied and will change from year to year. Emphasis is placed on performance skills such as playing with a group and not just as a solo instrument, guitar picking and strumming techniques, and basic music theory involved in ensemble and solo playing. Grading includes performance evaluations and written examinations and quizzes, along with written exercises as homework. Attendance at all performances is mandatory. *Some acoustic guitars are available for use in class.