The music program at Immaculate has something for everyone. We offer multiple entry-level music classes to give every study an opportunity to discover their musical talent, regardless of their individual skill level. For the more experienced musician, long standing concert band, concert choir and a guitar ensemble challenge students by broadening the musical horizons.

Inspire Others

Students inspire others through their music.

They create as a means of self expression.

They perform to serve the community.

Musical Concepts We Instill In Our Students:

Discover the musician within

Everyone has a musical talent whether they know it or not. Students are encouraged to open themselves to the possibility that they can be musicians. If they are willing to try, faculty will help them get to where they want to be.

Inspire to Aspire

Aspire to inspire

When student musicians work towards inspiring those around them, they make a positive difference in everyone’s life. Believing in each other, staying positive, leading by example and remembering their faith leads all to new heights of success.

Music Can Change the World

Performances touch humanity in our audiences and in ourselves

Music is powerful; it transcends the barriers of language, culture and geography. Performing the music we love has the power to bring people together from all walks of life and can even change the world around us.

Musical Inspiration

Harness the power of imagination and intellectual curiosity

To continue to learn and grow as musicians, students are inspired to surround themselves with creative works and be insatiably inquisitive. Imagination and curiosity fuel exciting accomplishments.

Step outside your comfort zone

Trying something new or unfamiliar can seem stressful but oftentimes doing so opens the door to a whole new world of possibilities. When students take that leap of faith; whether that means getting up on stage, picking up a new instrument or singing their heart out, they may discover a personal side that they’ve never known.

IHS Productions

Immaculate's Got Talent

Immaculate’s Got Talent (IGT) is a fundraiser for the Fine Arts Department that features the various talents at Immaculate. Performances range anywhere from singing and dancing to synchronized swimming. This is a show you do not want to miss!

Winter & Spring Concerts

Every year the IHS concert band, choir and acapella group perform at the winter and spring concert. Individual student or group performances are welcome and all students are encouraged to perform. Click here for more information about the IHS Winter and Spring Concerts.

Available Courses

Music Facilities

Recording Studio

The IHS recording studio is a space where students can record and produce their own music to share with friends and family. Students even use this space to recorded their own music videos!