Fall Drama

The Drama Club, under the direction of faculty advisor Alexa Wild, puts on the Fall Drama production. Membership in the club is open to everyone who has an interest in any aspect of plays, not just actors. Those interested in stage management, costuming, props, lighting, sound, makeup, set design and building, marketing and stage crew are all needed and welcome to be involved. If you are even a bit curious, come see what it's all about. Many seniors, finishing work on their first play have expressed their wish that they started doing the plays earlier in their high school career so they could have been part of more of them.

The Fall Drama production is often, but not exclusively, a Shakespeare play, set in a particular time period or theme.* Mrs. Wild help students to understand the play and to collaboratively flesh out who the characters are, understand their motivations, and how best to communicate that to the audience. Auditions happen within the first couple weeks of school, so look out for announcements. Rehearsals are held after school. The play goes up the weekend prior to Thanksgiving break.

Photos From Our Town

Seven Angels Theater Halo Awards Nominations

Our Town - 2018

> Coming Soon!

Twelfth Night - 2017

> Best Performance by a Featured Actress in a Play - Nicole Kolitsas '21  WIN
> Best Performance by a Leading Actress in a Classical Play - Ilona Ludanyi '18
> Best Hair and/or Makeup Design - Brianna McDonough '18 and Ayanna Simmons '18

Hamlet - 2016

> Best Performance by a Featured Actor in a Play - A.J. Vitiello '18 - Polonius
> Best Performance by a Leading Actor in a Classical Play - Giovanni Fardella '17 - Hamlet

The Tragedy of Julius Caesar - 2015

> Best Original Program Cover Design or Artwork - Isabelle Camillo '16 WIN
> Best Performance by a Supporting Actor in a Play - Logan Monaco '17 - Brutus   WIN
> Best Classical Play     WIN
> Best Lead Actor - Jordan Chipman '16 - Caesar
> Best Lead Actress - Marina Kolitsas '18 - Calpurnia
> Best Supporting Actor - Eddie Godino '16 - Cassius
> Best Supporting Actress - Ilona Ludanyi '18 - Portia
> Best Featured Actor - Giovanni Fardella '17 - Marc Antony
> Best Costume design - Mackenzie Mullins '18, Briana Policarpio '17, Isabela Ricardo '17
> Best Hair/Makeup - Kate Kwiatkowski '16
> Best Scenic Design - Nicole Palmieri '18
> Best Original Music - Joseph Natal '16