At Immaculate High School students matter and are known by name. Every student is encouraged to take advantage of the opportunities to perform, serve, play and to be a leader. Students are encouraged to take risks by engaging in well-developed extra-curricular activities that may provide them with an experience that extends them personally and opens new doors. Our multi-level curriculum provides educational programs that challenges students while meeting their individual needs.

Faith formation is the cornerstone to our existence. An Immaculate High School education facilitates the formation of respect, responsibility and reverence. We educate students to become more knowledgeable of the world around them and to cultivate high moral qualities such as stewardship, justice, love, compassion and hope. Students are encouraged and challenged to use their gifts, to find new strengths, to become a better person and to fully develop their skills as faith-filled leaders.

Rooted in Gospel values, Immaculate High School holds itself accountable to graduate students who use their God-given talents to pursue their dreams and to make a positive difference in our ever-changing world.