Mustang Monthly

Student of the Month - Social Studies 

The Social Studies Department has chosen Will Doran ‘22 as their Student of the Month! “Will Doran is a true student of history! Will is a hard-working and passionate student when it comes to Social Studies. He is an enthusiastic learner and brings a true love of history to class. He participates in class discussions and asks thought provoking questions on various topics,” said Will’s teacher. When asked why he loves Social Studies classes, Will said he enjoys how the topics have a tremendous amount of relevance to what happens in our lives today because of their numerous applications. For example, learning about history helps us to understand the events of the past and why similar events are caused today, understanding economics is an incredibly useful skill for real-world situations, and psychology is key in really knowing who we are. When he is not enjoying his AP US History and AP Psychology social studies courses, Will is very involved at Immaculate. He is a member of the National, Science, English and Math Honor Societies, Student Council, and Multicultural Club. Will is also a student athlete, participating on the cross country, track and tennis teams. He also is an active member of the history club, which unfortunately was not able to participate in their annual History Bowl competitions due to Covid-19. Will hopes to revitalize the team next school year and return to competition! 

Robert Fontenelli's Design Chosen for new Ridgefield Playhouse Sculpture

Home by Robert Fontenelli

Congratulations to Robert Fontenelli ‘21, whose design “The World” was chosen as the new theme for the sculpture in front of the Ridgefield Playhouse! To learn more about the competition and Robert’s sculpture, visit this link.