Campus Ministry

Father John Connaughton, Director of Vocations at St. John Fisher Seminary in Stamford, and two seminarians visited IHS recently to speak with Miss Donnarummo's two senior classes on the vocation to the priesthood. They heard the discernment stories from Andrew LaFleur and Chris Mannion, the two seminarians, and were able to ask questions and learn that seminary life is like college life, filled with classes, sports and prayer. Chris' sister Emily is a freshman at Immaculate. Let us pray for our young men and women discerning life to the priesthood and religious life.

The week of November 5-11 was Vocation Awareness Week in the Catholic Church. The students in Miss Donnarummo's religion classes discussed the particular vocations of the Church, watched a video, and then made and wrote cards to area priests, deacons and sisters.

Seniors and Juniors attended special retreats recently to help build their faith. On October 26, seniors went to St. Marguerite Church in Brookfield for workshops on "Not Walking Alone." On November 15 juniors, after praying in the IHS Chapel, went to St. Marguerite for a workshop "Changing the World We Live In" and adoration and reflection time.

On November 11, 81 students raked leaves at five houses at the annual Rake 'N Bake in Brookfield. This rewarding community service project allowed Immaculate students to coordinate with Brookfield High School and rake lawns for the elderly, who treated them to baked goods in return.

Mass of Remembrance Held to Honor Those of Our Family Who Are No Longer With Us

At a special Mass of Remembrance on Wednesday, November 1, the entire Immaculate school community remembered and prayed for all of those members of the Immaculate family who have passed away and gone on to be with our Lord. During this special time we paused to remember in prayer and gratitude the lives of those who, although no longer here, remain close to us through the Communion of Saints. Our prayers for them also deepen our faith in God's love and our hope of sharing in life eternal which Christ has prepared for us. Additionally, names of deceased loved ones were placed in the Chapel and special remembrances were made during our liturgy on November 1 as well as in Masses during the month of November. Thank you for helping us to build an environment of Christian faith and Gospel values in everything we do at Immaculate High School