Our Campus

Campus Growth and Enhancements

Execution of strategic plans for our school campus over the past several years has enhanced every aspect of student life, including the arts, academics, athletics and career programs. From three state-of-the-art learning science labs built for collaboration and innovation to a new Fitness Center, our facilities provide spaces for programs which allow students to be innovative, healthy and successful learners.

Solar Panels

Clean and Renewable Energy

In 2017, the school engaged in an ENERGY STAR program and focused on energy management strategies to measure energy performance and tracking savings. In partnership with the C-PACE Energy Program and Eversource, the school installed a new roof with solar panels, upgraded its HVAC to energy efficient gas boilers coupled with smart thermostats, installed LED lighting in all areas throughout the building and upgraded its commercial ovens and refrigerated service areas to energy efficient appliances. The school has been realizing a 40% annual reduction in operating costs as a result of this initiative.

Dining Hall

Dining Hall

The experience of student dining was raised to a higher standard in 2017 when the old institutional tables, original tiled floor and ceiling was replaced with laminate composite wood flooring, new lighting and drop ceiling, new security windows, colorful modern furniture that includes a variety of seating options as well as an outdoor patio and seating.

Science Labs

Plans for revitalizing the science programs with state of the art Chemistry, Physics, Biology and nursing program labs began in 2015. Thanks to a team of teachers, the school Advisory Board and school administration, who established a vision, researched equipment and materials and garnered necessary funding through grants, donations and strategic budgeting, years of planning have become a reality. Students engage in sustained independent projects using technology and other contemporary classroom resources. Faculty members continue to implement elements throughout the curriculum that deeply immerse students in the science behind the theory they learn in class.

Security Cameras


Technology and security are primary in order to support enriched programs and provide a safe environment for our students, staff and campus visitors at all times.

Our Engineering, Graphics Arts, AP Computer Programming and Distance Learning Programs require high-capacity technology devices. Our school infrastructure provides for 500 simultaneous users coupled with our partnership with Microsoft Teams, Google, Autodesk and Adobe Creative Suite, and other cloud-based instructional resources, assisted with a seamless transition to become a Virtual Learning school during the COVID-19 pandemic.

The school has enhanced its security systems annually through CT state grant monies and school capital budget funds. In addition to new building entrances, real-time visitor tracking, campus cameras and fire and safety alarm systems, panic buttons, software for employees as well as a secure network system are fully utilized. In collaboration with the school’s administrative emergency response team, safety plans are reviewed annually by the Danbury Police and Fire departments.

updated picture of the chapel

Monsignor John Hossan Memorial Chapel

The cornerstone of our school, our chapel was named in 2018 in honor of our founder and first school principal, Msgr. John Hossan. Thanks to the support of many alumni, parents of alumni and friends of Immaculate, renovations that include new stained glass windows, pews to seat 160, carpeting, a redesigned sanctuary, sacramentals and crucifix were completed in the summer of 2020. In addition to morning Masses and lunch-hour Adoration, the Chapel will be welcoming alumni and families for Baptisms, weddings, renewal of vows and special Masses.

Fitness Center

Complementing the upgrade and maintenance of our Mustang Valley and Bobby Plumb Gymnasium, a new Fitness Center opened in August 2020. In-kind donations from alumni, parents of alumni and partner businesses as well as the efforts of the Immaculate facilities and operations staff have provided a facility that will accommodate 25 new exercise machines, allowing for improved strength-training as well as offer individual fitness training for students and staff.