Mustang Madness - 3 on 3 Rules

Each team will consist of 3 players. A player may not play on more than one team, and must play in their grade appropriate division.

Teams must be ready to play at their assigned court. Any team not ready to play when the clock starts will forfeit after one minute.

A coin-toss prior to each game will determine which team gets the ball first at the top of the key

Games are 12 minutes running clock. Stoppage of clock only for injury.

3 point shots will be awarded, all other baskets will be worth 2 points (see “fouls”)

The ball will change possession after scored baskets. The ball will be “taken back” on each change of possession, regardless of whether or not a shot was attempted. The ball will only be “checked” with the opposing player, once taken back, only after a foul or made basket. (i.e. on a defensive rebound, it needs to be taken back, but not checked)

Alternating possession on jump balls, with first possession awarded to whichever team did not win the coin toss

“Out of Bounds” balls will be taken out from top of key

3-second violation in effect


No Foul Shots taken

Personal fouls committed during the act of shooting

  1. If shot is made, 3 points awarded vs. 2 and opposing team gets the possession
  2. If shot does not go in, the shooting team retains possession at the top of the key

Tied game – if the game is tied at the end of 12 minute running clock, a 2 minute sudden death overtime will be played. Alternating possession from regulation time will determine who gets the ball to start OT.