Alumni Information Policy

Immaculate High School Alumni Database Access and Use Policy

This policy relates to all information about alumni of Immaculate High School. This policy is intended to allow IHS personnel to use information about our alumni while ensuring that their privacy is protected.

Lists, labels, files, and reports may only be shared with approved alumni volunteers whose work has a direct bearing on constituent relations or fundraising activities for Immaculate High School. Volunteers must read, comply, and sign an Alumni Database Access and Use Policy. This information is not to be given out to committee members, unless they too have signed the online request form, acknowledging an understanding of the terms and conditions of this policy. Anyone requesting this information, must submit their request via an online form at, and must clearly identify that it will be used for IHS alumni relations purposes. Information in our database will never be distributed to unauthorized individuals. Allow a minimum of 10 working days for your request to be reviewed, approved, and processed.

The information must not be given, sold, traded, exchanged, etc., to people or institutions not affiliated with Immaculate High School. It is the responsibility of the person requesting the information to maintain its absolute confidentiality. Upon completion of the approved activity that required the release of information, the requestor must return it to the Alumni Office, or properly dispose of the information, by shredding hard copies or deleting electronic documents.