Thank you to all of our alumni who generously donated to IHS in honor of their reunion this past year. Most classes surpassed their goal and we are grateful!

Your reunion year is an occasion to renew ties with classmates and reflect on what Immaculate means to you. Reunion spirit is alive and well at IHS, with events ranging from informal to formal, spring or fall, one day or full weekend, etc. Whatever the format, feedback from all alumni has been outstanding and we look forward to working with alumni in classes ending in 4 or 9 to plan reunions in 2019. We promise to assist with and make the planning easy for all involved, while helping to create a memorable event!

Please contact our Director of Alumni Relations, Denise (Henry) Suarez '87 - if you would like to get started in planning your reunion!

Upcoming Class Reunions

Once registrations are live, buttons below will link you to register. For the Class of '69 50th Reunion, visit the Golden Mustangs tab under "Events."

Event Details: Save the Date - Golden Mustang Reunion, June 5-7, 2020


Event Details: REGISTRATION OPEN - Saturday, November 30, 2019
Foundry Kitchen & Tavern, Sandy Hook, CT


Event Details: Details coming soon!


Event Details: REGISTRATION OPEN - Saturday, November 2, 2019
Danbury Irish Cultural Center 


Event Details: Saturday, October 19, 2019 


Event Details: REGISTRATION OPEN - Friday, November 29, 2019
Foundry Kitchen & Tavern


Event Details: REGISTRATION OPEN - Friday, November 29, 2019
j. lawrence downtown 


Event Details: REGISTRATION OPEN - Friday, November 29, 2019
Broken Symmetry 


Alumni Information Policy

Alumni Information Policy

Immaculate High School Alumni Database Access and Use Policy

This policy relates to all information about alumni of the Immaculate High School. This policy is intended to allow development personnel and alumni relations' personnel to use information about our alumni while insuring that their privacy is protected.

Lists, labels, files, and reports may only be shared with approved alumni volunteers whose work has a direct bearing on constituent relations or fundraising activities for Immaculate High School. Volunteers must read, comply, and sign an Alumni Database Access and Use Policy. This information is not to be given out to committee members, unless they too have signed the online request form, acknowledging an understanding of the terms and conditions of this policy. Anyone requesting this information, must submit their request via an online form at, and must clearly identify that it will be used for IHS alumni relations purposes. Information in our database will never be distributed to unauthorized individuals. Allow a minimum of 10 working days for your request to be reviewed, approved, and processed.

The information must not be given, sold, traded, exchanged, etc., to people or institutions not affiliated with Immaculate High School. It is the responsibility of the person requesting the information to maintain its absolute confidentiality. Upon completion of the approved activity that required the release of information, the requestor must return it to the Alumni Office, or properly dispose of the information, by shredding hard copies or deleting electronic documents.

Reunion Planning Checklist

Reunion Planning Checklist

Touch base with IHS Director of Alumni Relations (Denise Suarez – to:

  • Make sure that no one else is already coordinating a reunion for your class.
  • Discuss how IHS can assist in planning your event.

Assemble reunion committee:

  • Event Chair/s
  • Communications & Social Media
  • Classmate locator (this is important and might be an individual or team effort)!
  • Memorabilia (gather items from high school days)

Please read the Immaculate High School Alumni Database Access and Use Policy and complete the online form requesting class contact information. Visit and click on the Alumni Information Request Form. Once completed, you will receive a spreadsheet with contact information for your class. In the months leading up to your reunion, the committee, in conjunction with IHS, will work to find missing alumni information. Please mark the updated information in a different color, so that when you send it back to IHS for input in our database, we know what has been changed.

Where do I begin?

  • Start by polling classmates via your class Facebook page, or via email, as to what people are interested in (formal/informal, time of year, etc.).

How do you work to find missing alumni information?

  • Coordinate with IHS Director of Alumni Relations to determine a list of classmates with no contact info.
  • Begin soliciting missing info via emails, phone calls, text messages, Facebook, Twitter, etc.
    • For example, sort all alumni with missing email addresses (most important info) and list "MIA" alumni on your class Facebook page, asking fellow alums to tag those on the list with the link to update. This works very well!
  • Refer ALL classmates to update their contact info at Go to “Alumni Information Update”.

Class Facebook Page

  • If your class does not already have a class Facebook page, please contact Denise for help in getting one set up with the proper name (i.e.; Immaculate High School – Class of 2003).
  • Can be used to locate missing classmate info, gauge interest, solicit feedback on type of event via survey, share stories and pictures from IHS days, and share event information.

Set event date and communicate date to IHS

  • Check IHS calendar of events to see if reunion could tie into i.e.; Homecoming.
  • Determine event location & book hotel block of rooms if necessary

Set budget & ticket price

  • Reunion class gifts are generally added as part of ticket price (i.e.; if ticket price based on cost of event is determined to be $50, making the price $60 which includes gift to IHS), or as optional donation box on online registration.
  • 3% credit card processing fee must be added to cost of ticket price (this fee is not an IHS fee, but rather from the credit card company).

Reunion Class Gift

  • Each class works in with the Director of Alumni Relations to set a goal for their reunion class gift. Many classes far exceed this goal, and some committees choose to set a higher goal if they feel that their class can fund it. All reunion class gifts are recognized in our annual Traditions magazine. Reunion year giving is an important source of funds in support of Immaculate and we are grateful.
  • There are many ways in which reunion committees choose to fund their class gift: include in price of event, add optional donation box on registration page, mini-event auction or raffle, "pass the donation jar" after a brief speech from fellow alum/reunion organizer, etc.

The Alumni Office will add event information on IHS website. Tickets can be purchased easily via credit card through the site. Immaculate receives funds and writes a check to reunion planner for full amount, minus 3% credit card fee (pays the fee credit company charges IHS) and any donations made to Immaculate. We have NO say in how the funds are used for your reunion, nor require any receipts – that is up to the committee to manage.

Communicate classmate contact info, event date, ticket price & event details to Director of Alumni Relations for posting on IHS website, IHS Social Media and e-blasts to alumni.

Arrange possible school tours +/or class Mass in IHS chapel. Alumni love to come back into the halls of their alma mater! Masses can be said in memory of any deceased classmates, or any special prayer intentions from alumni on a Sunday morning.

Contact Denise (Henry) Suarez ’87, Director of Alumni Relations for use of your class yearbook for pictures, etc.