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Celebrating 50 Years!

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Each June, IHS plans a grand celebration for the 50th reunion class. Thank you to the classes of '66, '67 and '68 for joining us for memorable celebrations of your 50th reunion over the past three years and congratulations on being inducted as Golden Mustangs. You may have left us after the celebratory weekend...but we'll never leave you!

Please click the tabs below for more information on annual Golden Mustang events, along with details on the Class of 1969's 50th Reunion which will take place the weekend of May 31 - June 2, 2019! We have a great committee of alumni from '69 to help in planning the big event. Invitations will be mailed in March!

Golden Mustangs

Class Of 1969 ~ 50th Reunion ~ SAVE THE DATE

The Class of '69 will celebrate their 50th reunion and Golden Mustang induction May 31 - June 2

FRIDAY, MAY 31 @ 7 P.M.

(all 1966, '67, '68 and '69 alumni invited to process with our 2019 graduates)

SUNDAY, JUNE 2 @ 10 A.M.

50th Reunion Testimonials

  • The planning committee did an amazing job to pull this reunion off! Kudos to all involved!
  • I flew home on the wings of happy memories and fueled by hugs and laughter. Go Mustangs and on to #55!
  • Loved it all! We are back in Houston with great memories.
  • Thank you so sincerely. There are no words that can adequately express the pride and joy that abounded in that room!
  • It was wonderful from Wednesday to Sunday. Great fun was had by all.
  • It was such a great experience. All events were well planned! Reconnecting with everyone was beyond words…so much fun!
  • Do it again next year!
  • What a special weekend! I loved seeing everyone.
  • I had a fabulous time. It was so nice to see everybody after all this time and find out about their lives.
  • Loved it!
  • Thanks to all the folks whom worked so hard and cared so much to organize our 50th reunion.
  • We had a wonderful time at the 1966 Class Reunion festivities. We could not have asked for a better time.
  • The event was a BLAST! I loved it. The committee did a fabulous job. Their hard work and attention to detail was very apparent. Bravo to all!
  • Thanks to the reunion committee for their hard work in making this a most enjoyable event. The graduates of the Class of 66 sure aged well! Hope everyone is around for the next one.
  • Sweetest time! Well thought out, like being back with my family again. Thanks for the tremendous effort put into this celebration!
  • I hope we do a 55th reunion! It was great to connect with classmates.
  • I had the best time seeing all of my classmates. I did not want it to end!

Golden Mustang Mass & Brunch

We hosted another wonderful morning with our Golden Mustang classes of '66, '67, '68 and '69. Each fall, we invite all Golden Mustangs (those having celebrated their 50th reunion), along with the class involved in the planning stages for their 50th to join us for this special day.

This year's event was held on Monday, September 17. It began with a Mass in the IHS chapel, where all deceased members of these classes will be prayed for and then followed by a brunch in the cafeteria. This is a free and casual event which we hope all will join us for each year! 

In Memoriam

We Lovingly Remember Our Golden Mustangs

Class of ‘66: Ann Burns, Marinella Vandergoes Butkowsky, Robert Edward Cmielewski, James Curran,Margaret Dencey Davis, Thomas Egan, Joseph Halas, Austin Ronald Hodge, John Joseph Hogan, Thomas Kelly, Mary Ellen (Dallas) Lavoie, Patrick McDonough, Jean Holick McKay, Stephanie Grund Musgrove,Diane Wojtulewica Octavio, Thomas Schramm, Maureen Bernadette Williams and Noreen Tomaino

Class of ‘67: Catherine Gallagher Bjelko, Stephen Butkowsky, David Closter, Judy Jensen Collins, James Connery, Mary Hodge Cribben, Irene Simoes Fischer, James Gravel, Darrick Gill, James Hulton, Lawrence Isbell, Susan Isbell, Joanne Luongo, Christopher Lynch, Ann Gardner McLain, Kenneth Penna, Jeffrey Reinen, John Patrick Richardson, Sara Ann Samara, William Soto, Karen Selelonis Todd and Mary Kathleen Wixted

Class of ‘68: Margaret Green Allen, Maryjane Clark, Edward T. Connors, Lorraine Profita Czarnota, Keir Davio, Kevin Hynes, Sharon Bedini Lane, James Leach, Paul Leonard, Margaret Ripple, Theresa Russell, Carol Smigala and Robert Urban

Class of ‘69: Jacqueline Ann Archieri, Carol Ann LaCava Azimi, Cathleen Coffey Dann, Lee Fagerquist, Mary Fronhoefer, Cheryl Gormbard, Susan Kane, Rita Shail Kolwicz, Mike Kondrat, Bruce LeRoux, Robert Lynch, Noreen McDermott, Peter Morris, Paul Morton, Michael Navarra, Patricia Murphy Phillip, Robert Pluto, Melinda Faynor Scharstein, Jeannette Schiro, Margaret Murphy Schnitzler, Edson Schoen and Vincent Scozzafava

Please email Denise Suarez at if you know of a deceased classmate not listed, so that we can remember them in our prayers at the 50th Reunion Memorial Mass and at our annual Mass of Remembrance in November.

Missing '69 Classmates

Immaculate High School values our relationship with our alumni. Unfortunately, we sometimes lose touch due to moves, job changes and life events. Please help us find missing classmates so that they don't miss out on alumni updates and special events such as the 50th Golden Mustangs Reunion. Please visit to update your contact information. The following '69 alumni are missing email addresses, and for some we have no contact information. Thank you!

  • James D Abdella
  • Michael Bergin
  • Donald Beschle
  • Mark Bieluczyk
  • Margaret McCue Bigham
  • Claudet Boudreau
  • Kevin Braun
  • Oscar Brockmeyer
  • Alan Brown
  • William Burke
  • David Canestrari
  • Philip Carzasty
  • Lilia Casas
  • Linda Cavanaugh
  • Carol Setaro Clark
  • Donald Colla
  • Karen Coombs
  • Joanne Croteau
  • Peter De La Rosa
  • Thomas Dean
  • Gabriella Varga Deavers
  • Judith Deeb
  • Albert Dejoseph
  • Geraldine Demo
  • Ray Depelteau
  • Michael Devine
  • Mary Dowling
  • Deborah Driscoll
  • Thomas Dubos
  • Dennis Ehrhard
  • George Ehrhard
  • Diane Ewart
  • John Fink
  • Mary Ellen Daly Fiorita
  • Ann Marie McMullin Francisco
  • Pamela Freer
  • Robert  Frinder
  • Janet  Gallotello
  • Robert  Garavel
  • Eileen  Garlichs
  • Frederick  Gervasoni
  • Maureen  Ginty
  • Loretta  Gmuer
  • Robert  Greene
  • Barbara  Grennan
  • Karl  Hallecks
  • Roy  Hannan
  • Denise  Harden
  • Robert  Healy
  • Mary  Holleran
  • Laura Franco Hults
  • Leonard  Jejer
  • Kathy  Johnson
  • Terence  Jones
  • Denise  Jordan
  • Judith  Keane
  • Maureen  Kearney
  • Katherine  Kearns
  • Patricia Dingee Kline
  • Thomas  Kolwicz
  • Michael  Kondrat
  • Jo Anne  Kroener
  • Leigh Sproule Kulhay
  • Margaret  Kyparissiotis
  • Susan Ragaini Leahey
  • Joan  Leonard
  • Pauline  Letellier
  • Phyllis  Lilley
  • Sharon  Macleod
  • Enric  Madriguera
  • Thomas  Maher
  • Kathleen  Mahoney
  • Mary Hurgin Maier
  • Kathleen Lillis McGuire
  • Brian  McIlrath
  • Mary  Merritt
  • Elaine  Meslin
  • Jeffrey  Meslin
  • Gail Zenobia Miller
  • Gary  Minck
  • Catherine Richardson Murdock
  • Catherine  Newcomb
  • Paula  Niswander
  • Kim  Northrop
  • Francis  O'Rourke, Jr.
  • Peter  Parisi
  • Barbara  Parks
  • Eugenia Wilson Pepin
  • Robert  Pluto
  • Theresa  Provost
  • Wayne  Ramey
  • Christopher  Randolph
  • Rebecca  Rishdan
  • Mary Virginia  Ryan
  • Christopher  Sadowski
  • Teresa  Sansone
  • Jeannette  Schiro
  • Edson  Schoen
  • Charles  Setaro
  • John  Setaro
  • Karen Leo Setaro
  • Rita  Shail
  • Joseph  Shoushani
  • Robert  Smith, Jr.
  • Raymond  Snyder
  • Darius  Spain
  • Barbara  Strippoli
  • Gail  Sturges
  • Susan  Sullivan
  • William  Sutton
  • Gary  Thomas
  • Jeffrey  Tierney
  • Karen  Turner
  • Beverly Donfrio Urban
  • Shirley Sousa Van Clief
  • Monica  Young
  • Marilyn  Zanzal
  • Donna  Zarcone
  • James  Driscoll


Class of 1969 Class Gift

In honor and recognition of our 50th Reunion, the Class of 1969 will present a collective gift to Immaculate's Chapel renovation.