Chris Hogan '90

Chris graduated from IHS in 1990 and is currently a Tax Partner for KPMG in Switzerland. Immaculate gave me and my siblings a huge leg up by helping us learn how to think,” said Chris. “We learned how to approach a problem or challenge in an organized and thoughtful way and how to keep an open mind upon wrestling with a question. And, more practically speaking, IHS taught me how to write. I credit both advantages to Immaculate’s uncompromising standards,” he noted. Chris shared that about a quarter of the kids from his grammar school went to IHS, so many of his fellow high school graduates had spent twelve or thirteen years together. “My closest friends are IHS alums, although we live pretty far apart nowadays. The best teachers I ever had were my teachers at Immaculate, some of whom are still in front of IHS classrooms today,” he said.

After graduating from Immaculate, Chris went into the Army Reserves where his initial training included about a year at the Defense Language Institute (DLI) in Monterey, California. It was there that he studied German and later went back for Arabic. Chris graduated from Fordham University with a degree in Economics in May 1995.

Chris joined public accounting firm KPMG in New York City out of college. With the exception of a couple deployments with his reserve unit, Chris has been in KPMG’s international tax practice more-or- less since 1995. “It’s been a very interesting job – I’ve been abroad for 11 of my 22 years in practice, living in London, Stavanger (Norway), and now Zürich,” he said.

As a tax partner for KPMG in Switzerland, his job is to help multinational corporations manage their overseas presence. When he first started, Chris’s job was tax technical work and involved navigating the world of tax treaties. These days, Chris spends more of his time helping to manage KPMG’s larger client relationships and resolving tax controversies between clients and the tax authorities. “I can’t imagine trading my IHS experience for any other high school. Immaculate meant a class size big enough to have lots of personalities and diversity of ideas, but small enough to feel like part of a family. No one who enters the doors at Southern Boulevard and Lincoln Avenue is treated like a number – it’s a personal education on a wide enough stage to be ‘real’,” said Chris. Chris lives in a little village about half an hour outside of Zurich with his wife Catherine and their children Grace (4) and Mike (1).