Why Immaculate?

Your high school years are important to us.

At Immaculate you will be encouraged to embrace your faith, think critically, be compassionate, and become a leader in working for the greater good. We will support you every step of the way so that you will exceed your expectations confidently.

Why You're Going to Love Immaculate!

Parent Testimonials

IHS Family
For our four children, we wanted a high school with high academic standards and so much more. Immaculate provided a top-notch education, strong athletic programs with an emphasis on sportsmanship and team camaraderie, encouragement and opportunities to serve those less fortunate, an environment where they could practice their Catholic faith and a family-like atmosphere that they would cherish forever. We hit the jackpot on all levels when our family became a part of the IHS family. We are forever grateful!

- Ken and Maureen Decker - parents of alumni Brett ‘10, Kenny, 12,
Julia '15, Sean '17
IHS Family
If you asked my daughter, Diana, if she liked Immaculate she would tell you she loves it! We live in Westchester and going to Connecticut for high school was not on our radar. She did not go to Catholic school before and being from New York she didn't know anyone. After attending Immaculate’s Open House and shadowing a student, she knew it was the school for her. She quickly met so many peers and soon joined the volleyball team. Within a few weeks she was so integrated into Immaculate, you would think she was there for years! It is a very inclusive community for the entire family. My daughter feels the academics are challenging and her teachers are always willing to help. There is a sense of pride and a ton of team spirit at Immaculate which my daughter and family feel. Immaculate has let Diana be an individual with a great support system behind her! My family couldn't ask for a better place for our daughter to spend her high school years.

- Corrinne DiVestea, parent of alumni

Student Testimonials

Immaculate High School provides students and families with a safe environment that welcomes everyone. Every student has the opportunity to experience new relationships and to embark on a journey that encourages growth in their faith. During my years at Immaculate, the kindness and loving nature of the faculty and staff has helped me grow as a person. Academically the school contains multiple levels and a wide variety of classes that perfectly suit every student and their abilities/interests. By attending Immaculate, the school opens doors in more ways than I ever thought possible!

- Gabriela ‘22
Immaculate was the obvious answer for me when deciding where to go to high school. Not only did my brother attend and have an excellent experience but so did many of my friends and their parents. Immaculate has a reputation for having a strong educational program, an accomplished athletics department, an advanced theater group, and a welcoming faculty and student body. On top of it all the school is built on strong pillars of faith that create a welcoming and kind environment. There was no question that Immaculate was the school for me and I’m very pleased with the outcome.

- Lilly ‘22
Thanks to the welcoming environment as I began my journey as a freshman, I can easily say that choosing this school was one of the best choices I have ever made. I love that I can incorporate many aspects of my life, including music into my high school journey. This past year I told my music teacher that I play the Irish tin whistle and she immediately jumped on it and gave me so many opportunities to be able to share my talent with others. I cannot thank her enough for those opportunities! I can also incorporate my faith into everything I do at Immaculate and grow further in my relationship with God. Whether it’s praying before a game or a huge test, I always know God has my back. If you become a Mustang, you will definitely not regret it.

- Ryan ‘22
I came to Immaculate wanting to be a lawyer, but now because of the IT classes I have had the opportunity to take, I am thinking about switching over to a job in technology in the future. I enjoy doing community service projects, as Immaculate gives me a chance to work with my friends and make the world a better place. I am very grateful to my parents for sending me to Immaculate.

- Nicholas ‘22