Why Immaculate?

College Prep at Its Best

At Immaculate you will be encouraged to embrace your faith, think critically, be compassionate, and become a leader in working for the greater good. We will support you every step of the way so that you will exceed your expectations confidently.

The best way to learn about the value of an Immaculate education is to visit our school via a personal tour, shadow visit or Open House, but we know that many families spend time researching online before scheduling a visit. Scroll below to listen to the Inside Immaculate podcast, see the Top 10 Reasons Why Immaculate survey results and hear testimonials from our parents and students!


Top 10 Reasons Today's Learners Become Tomorrow's Leaders at Immaculate!

Parent Testimonials

IHS Family
For our four children, we wanted a high school with high academic standards and so much more. Immaculate provided a top-notch education, strong athletic programs with an emphasis on sportsmanship and team camaraderie, encouragement and opportunities to serve those less fortunate, an environment where they could practice their Catholic faith and a family-like atmosphere that they would cherish forever. We hit the jackpot on all levels when our family became a part of the IHS family. We are forever grateful!

- Ken and Maureen Decker - parents of alumni Brett ‘10, Kenny, 12,
Julia '15, Sean '17
IHS Family
If you asked my daughter, Diana, if she liked Immaculate she would tell you she loves it! We live in Westchester and going to Connecticut for high school was not on our radar. After attending Immaculate’s Open House and shadowing a student, she knew it was the school for her. She quickly met so many peers and soon joined the volleyball team. Within a few weeks she was so integrated into Immaculate, you would think she was there for years! My daughter feels the academics are challenging and her teachers are always willing to help. There is a sense of pride and a ton of team spirit at Immaculate. Immaculate has let Diana be an individual with a great support system behind her. We couldn't ask for a better place for our daughter to spend her high school years.

- Corrinne DiVestea, parent of alumni

Student Testimonials

Student Testimonial
Immaculate fosters a welcoming environment which allows me to be comfortable with my aspirations towards academic success. It also encourages me to devote my time to causes that impact the greater good which is very rewarding.

- Michael ‘23
St. Peter School
Student Testimonial
I am grateful to have such a wonderful high school option in the area. It was a perfect fit for me personally. It offers so many things that I wouldn't be able to participate in anywhere else!

- Jess ‘26
Westside MIddle School Academy
Student Testimonial
We're a small community, which allows us to connect more easily with friends, teammates, and staff. I have no doubt that my friendships formed here will last long past my four years at Immaculate!

- Stephen ‘24
East Ridge Middle School
Student Testimonial
I love Immaculate because of the deep sense of community. I know that I can count on anyone here to have my back and I will do the same for them. Immaculate has provided me with the tools I need for college as well as the confidence to pursue my dreams.

- Mary Grace ‘23
St. Gregory the Great School