Distance Learning Agreement

Computer and Technology

You must have a strong, reliable internet connection (minimum of 1.5 Mbps). You can test your internet connection by visiting www.speedtest.net.

Your Surface Go computer should be used for school use ONLY. Please do not lend it to other family members or for non-school related use.

Your Google account is a school account. This means that documents in your Google Drive should be school related only.

You may not share your Google account with anyone else. Keep your password secret.

Your Google documents can be shared with others only for authorized school-related work.

No unauthorized applications or games may be installed on your device.

Devices may not be used to record any video or photos without instruction from a teacher.

You may not use an incognito or a nickname on a school account and you may not delete your browsing history.

Your school device and usage will be monitored.

I agree to follow the Immaculate High School Distance Learning Agreement and understand that there will be consequences for non-compliance.

On-School Distance Learning Environment

I agree that I will be using a desk or table in a quiet area to enroll in my daily classes.

I will adhere to using correct lighting so that my face and desk area may always be seen.

I agree that there is no use of a cell phone, Apple Watch, or any other device during regular class time.

I agree that I have read the 2020-21 Student-Family Handbook and understand the guidelines including consequences for non-compliance.

I agree to follow all classroom expectations including but not limited to behavior, class participation, homework, classwork, assessments and projects.

Agreement Form