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An engaging series of podcasts and blogs that serve as a valuable resource for prospective families seeking guidance and inspiration as they take the next step in their educational journey.



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A Parent’s Guide: Navigating the High School Admissions Process

The First Steps to Your Child’s Educational Journey

The high school admissions process can be both exciting and overwhelming. Finding a school that is a perfect match to promote the highest quality of growth and development in your student is a journey in itself. 

At Immaculate High School, we understand the importance of this decision and offer guidance, support, and transparency when assisting you in finding the right high school for your child. 

    This transitional period is an opportunity to slate your student in an environment that promotes success, celebrates the unique achievements of each student and supports them in their endeavors.  

In this comprehensive guide, we will dive into the core of the admissions process, answer frequently asked questions and leave you prepared to embark on this educational journey with confidence. 

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Student Testimonials

I love Immaculate because of the helpful, caring, and wonderful teachers. There are so many different opportunities to try new things with all of the clubs, sports, and activities. The opportunities to take sign language, graphic design, and the nursing curriculum are wonderful. I chose Immaculate for the warm atmosphere where I feel challenged and supported.

                  -Alison ‘26                      St. Mary School, Ridgefield CT
I love Immaculate because our school isn’t just a school, it’s a family.  We are connected and we have great school pride that binds us in a way no other school has.  Everyone will be included and there is just so much opportunity for people to participate in our school.  There is no better school family than ours and that is a big part what makes Immaculate great.

- Jacob ‘26
Hudson Country Montessori School
student portrait for testimonial
I love Immaculate because of the welcoming, faith based community! While attending Immaculate, I have grown tremendously in my faith and have created so many great bonds with those around me. Being at Immaculate has helped me become the well rounded, respectful, and reverent individual I am today, and can not wait to continue to grow in faith as well as a person through these next 2 years of high school!

- Elemiah ‘25
St Peter School
portrait of kevin bailie for testimonial
I chose Immaculate because of the excellent counseling department and for how well I knew they would prepare me for college. They really walk you through the entire college application process, and I have found that I am much better prepared than my Public School friends are. The Immaculate counseling staff ensures the success of every student.

                 - Kevin ‘24                New Fairfield Middle School