Academic Support Services

students working together

We are here to foster the academic achievement of every student. Reaching beyond one’s own expectations and being able to identify when to utilize Immaculate’s many academic support services, students gain the necessary skills to reach their fullest potential.

Collaboration with teachers, parents, counselors, administration, and peers, enable positive attitudes toward work and learning. Beginning in freshman or transfer year, students develop the skills necessary to become lifelong learners within a caring environment that shares advocating the needs of every student.

Peer-Tutoring Program

Peer tutoring allows opportunities for students to practice specific skills and gain a deeper understanding through peer discourse and influential instruction. Members of the National Honor Society, Math Honor Society, World Language Honor Society and Science Honor Society are paired with students typically during after school hours to obtain academic support as needed. This valuable program has proven to be beneficial to long-term skill mastery and personal confidence. 


Teachers can inspire an uninterested student, help students with confidence in a subject area, as well as motivate a student to feel comfortable with the concept of participating in class discussion and focusing on instruction.  Teachers are available for extra-help after school from 2:00 - 2:30 p.m. Students are encouraged to make an appointment with their teacher to meet for extra-help with either a project, preparing for an assessment, to discuss classroom needs as well as strategies to help with retaining a concept. 


We believe that parents are primary in their student’s education. In addition to daily/weekly communication by teachers and counselors, parent-teacher conferences are conducted for all students and parents every November.  Conferences are held either in person, virtually or in-person.  Parents are strongly encouraged to email their student’s teacher first, followed by their student’s counselor to schedule an appointment for an individual conference.  

Intervention Program

We know that every aspect of a student’s life can impact his or her ability to learn at school. The Immaculate Student at Risk Team (ISAT) consists of counselors, therapists, administration and the school nurse. Members meet monthly to collaboratively create a strategic action plan to assist individual students who may be demonstrating an evident decline in academics, socializing, physical or mental well-being. The ultimate goal of each plan is to provide the student with overcoming identified challenges that may be interfering with being successful. In partnership with parents, a student’s counselor monitors the student’s engagement with the plan.

4 international students standing outside the building

International Student Support Programs

The needs of our international students are diverse and may differ from the needs of domestic students. Immaculate assigns a counselor for all international students to assist with academics, transitions to a new culture and new educational methods. In addition, a bi-lingual Academic Support Teacher is assigned to ensure the academic success of our international students.  Depending on proficiency, international students have the ability to enroll in specialized English and religion classes designed to provide the necessary skills and foundation needed to matriculate to the next level of those content areas.