Signature Programs

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Preparing Students for the Future

To provide a diverse, personalized experience for students, Immaculate reviews the design of its programs annually. Being flexible and offering value-focused innovative programming is vital to connecting students to real world opportunities that encapsulates targeted leadership roles in an internship, certification program or academic competitions.

Certification Programs


Using the Cisco Networking Academy model, we provide a comprehensive course to teach the technology skills that are in high demand in businesses today. Students are engaged in networking theory, practical experience, soft-skills development, and career exploration. The IT Essentials curriculum supports a broad range of national education goals that train students to be eligible to take the COMPTIA and A+ exams.

Advanced Healthcare

Students who are interested in pursuing a health and medical science college studies including nursing and physical and occupational therapy have an opportunity to engage in off-campus clinical rotations at St. John Paul II Genesis Center and apply for becoming a Certified Nursing Assistant during their Junior or Senior year.  This program has a strong focus on the development of healthcare skills and procedures.

Graphic Design

Students have the opportunity to advance their knowledge of the arts through design programs such as Adobe Photoshop, Indesign and Illustrator may enroll in our Quinnipiac AP Graphic Design III program. In addition to obtaining college AP credit through Quinnipiac University, students may enroll in a Graphics IV independent study course and obtain the skills necessary to become an Adobe Certified Associate (ACA). 


Leading Scholars Program

The Immaculate High School Scholars Program is designed for the highest achieving students in the freshman and sophomore classes. Admission is based on your academic record in middle school, your scores on the HSPT exam, letters of recommendation and an interview with our committee. A merit scholarship to attend IHS will be offered to our Scholars candidates.

Immaculate Scholars will take advantage of the following program highlights:

  1. Career Presentations - a series of guest speakers to help students learn about potential career options.

  2. College Tours and Admission Presentations -  Guided College Tours at some of the best colleges in the country.

  3. Enhanced Academic Programs - identify opportunities for academic enrichment for you. Some include a Summer Academic Program ( on a college campus), an OnLine Academic Enrichment Course, Research Opportunities and Academic Certification Programs.

  4. Community Service - identify additional opportunities for community service.

  5. College Profile -  Develop your college profile by identifying the appropriate level classes, building a resume, selecting clubs and activities in the community.

  6. At the conclusion of the program in the spring of sophomore year, there will be an educational and celebratory excursion.


Career Internship Program

The purpose of the Student Career Internship Program is to allow our students to explore an area of career interest outside the constructs of their formal educational program. By fostering independence and decision-making skills, the program provides an opportunity to make a smoother transition from high school to college, the workplace, or military service. The program is designed to allow students to fulfill the academic requirements and participate in athletics or other extra-curricular programs while they experience a career opportunity.

Academic Competitions

Academic competitions facilitate a learning environment that promotes academic challenges and experiences that mine commitment, enthusiasm and motivation. Student personal goals and value systems as well an understanding of specific skills necessary to work well with one another contribute to meaningful opportunities. Students develop skills on how to manage subjectivity and the complexities of working with different personalities. Competitive engagements maximizes student interests, develops risk-taking skills and best practices that facilitate personal development.

Extracurricular Offerings

Mock Trial

Immaculate High School has been an active participant in state competitions sponsored by CivicsFirst over the last seven years, advancing to the “Elite Eight” round in the 2019-2020 season. Mock Trial is a program that allows students to develop their language, communication, critical thinking, and problem-solving skills. Through simulation members strive for and demonstrate and mastery in a real-life trial setting. Each year a new case guides their preparation from the perspective of attorneys, witnesses and court officers.

Model UN

Model UN

Model UN is an extra-curricular activity where students roleplay as delegates to the United Nations and simulate conversations to address real-life global challenges. Immaculate High School has sent a delegation to the EagleMUNC conference in Boston, Massachusetts hosted by Boston College for the last six years.

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Cyber Patriots

The CyberPatriots participate in the National Youth Cyber Defense Competition, an national Air Force Association program which puts teams of high school and middle school students in the position of newly hired IT professionals tasked with managing the network of a small company. Through a series of online competition rounds, teams are given a set of virtual operating systems and must find and fix cybersecurity vulnerabilities while maintaining critical services. The top teams in the nation earn all-expenses-paid trips to Maryland for the National Finals Competition where they can earn national recognition and scholarship money. The Immaculate teams have won several state and regional awards as well as participated at the national level.

THe Real World Design Team Engineering club

Real World Design – Engineering Competition

The Real World Design Challenge is an annual competition with the goal of setting a solid foundation for the future STEM workforce. It gives students the chance to work on real-world engineering challenges using professional resources in a virtual environment, while allowing them to apply classroom lessons to real-life challenges found in the working world. The Immaculate team has been recognized as one of the top three teams nationally.