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We empower students to uncover and discover their gifts. 

Beginning in freshman year, we get to know our students and guide them through their high school journey. As a college preparatory school with diverse offerings, we are able to personalize and assist every student with their course selections, choosing extracurricular activities and engaging in community service.

Our counseling team encourages students to explore, to be committed and to be prepared for their life beyond high school.  We provide students with social-emotional opportunities that include speaking with a school therapist, meeting with our school Chaplain, meeting with peer tutors, engaging in a developmental counseling program and attending Wellness Assemblies. Students participate in preparatory sessions for the ACT, SAT and PSAT, and we administer these exams annually. In addition, students can meet with over 100 college admissions officers in our school building or virtually.

We impress upon every student that they must do their very best.Our students’ success is our success.  We are here for every student throughout their entire Immaculate High School journey so that their passion, their dreams for the future become a reality.
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College Planning Timeline

Planning for college is a process that takes place throughout your high school career.  Decisions made and actions taken during your time here at Immaculate High School will have an impact on your ability to be accepted into your dream school and earn scholarship money. There are a few things scholars should have in the forefront of their minds regarding college planning throughout their years here at Immaculate High School.

Course Rigor 
Take the most challenging courses you will be successful in. Set goals to enroll in Honors and AP courses. Focus on the core academics: English, Math, History, Science and World Languages. Rigorous courses that go beyond the minimum graduation requirements will make you a more impressive applicant and even give you opportunities to earn college credits while still in high school. 

Focus on Your Grades
Your high school transcript is considered one of the most important part of our college application. Every grade counts towards the calculation of your GPA and therefore your grades freshman year are as important as your senior year grades. 

Explore and Commit to Extracurricular and Leadership Activities 
Be deliberate about what you choose to do when you are outside of school.  The activities you engage in will determine the breadth and depth of your high school resume. Freshman year is a great time to try several different extracurricular activities to see which ones are most interesting to you. Once you decide what you like, dedicate more time to fewer activities in order to become deeply involved.

This college planning timeline is to help scholars and families to stay on track throughout the process. Following this timeline will increase your opportunity to enroll in the post secondary school of your choice, better your ability to receive outside scholarship awards, and decrease your stress towards the end of the process. 

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School Social Worker

Jenny Casey

Our school social worker works with students and families by providing support for emotional, psychological and social issues as well as crisis management. Students meet individually and in groups and there are sessions provided to support parents and guardians. In addition, there are student wellness assemblies planned annually, bringing resources and experts in to address issues common to high school adolescents and their families.